Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

a selection of books on County Carlow by Jimmy O'Toole, available by mail order

Books about County Carlow by Jimmy O'Toole - available by mail order from this website

Grange - The path to the present. A history of a community in County Carlow

Grange - the path to the Present. A History of a Community in County Carlow

"There is a natural curiosity within most people to discover some basic knowledge of their heritage, history and roots. For me that curiosity developed during a phase of rapid change in a countryside I had known and enjoyed from childhood. Increasingly it was becoming a landscape that was less recognisable as old houses made way for the new, hedgerows, ditches and trees were disappearing in the path of the bulldozer blade, and so too were some of the physical remiders of a history dating back 5,000 years and beyond. In the context of modern history one was also concious of the passing of a generation that experienced the hopes inspired by Parnell, the breaking of the stranglehold of landlordism and the bloody struggle for Irish freedom." Extract from introduction.

1987 - Softback

€12 including P&P