Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

a selection of books on County Carlow by Jimmy O'Toole, available by mail order

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Carlow Gentry - What will the neighbours say!

For nearly three centuries the houses of the Carlow Gentry dominated the architectural landscape of the county. The origins of the families who occupied them were as diverse and controversial as some of the individuals who would emerge from their ranks.

The emphasis of the book is on personal and human interest stories about a group of people who lived in opulent surroundings and enjoyed lavish lifestyles. The conclusion, however that their positions of wealth and privilege were no hedge against tragedy, family strife and in some cases, eventual poverty, is well justified.

Today only five of the original families remain, with three occupying their ancestral homes. The book reveals a rich tapestry of personal and historic events ranging from their arrival, through to the eventual division of their remaining demesne lands during the first half of the 20th century.

Hardback, 1993

Price €20 incl P&P