Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

Carlow Books by Mail Order - from local author Jimmy O'Toole

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Carlow's International Achievers

This book is a celebration of courageous individuals who sought a better life for themselves and their families in every corner of the globe. It is a tapesstry of the careers of adventurers, fortune hunters, missionaries, the power hungry, romantics and, above all, survivors, who saw opportunities in foreign lands and grasped them. There were also those who remained in Ireland and whose work nonetheless brought them worldwide acclaim:

Aristocratic Pierce Butler, who left for America with the British Army in 1758 and was a signatory of the American Constitution. Mary Burgess - deported from Tullow to Tasmania for stealing a bucket of potatoes in 1845 at the height of the Famine. Her great grandson was knighted in Australia in 1969. Catherine Nolan had a $2.50 per hour job as a housemaid in 1888 and died in 1948 with a $2.5 million fortune. Tom Nowlan ran liquour from Canada to the US during Prohibition and became a millionaire. James McCudden was Britain's most decorated pilot during WW1. John Tyndall from Leighlinbridge became a world acclaimed scientist and his light pipe discoveries were the forerunner of modern-day fibre optics.

Hardback, 1999

€20 including P&P